Manly Beach Units

41 Manly Park Avenue, Manly, Whangaparaoa

How much does it cost?

Member rate
Summer: $65 per night
Winter: $50 per night

Member’s guest rate
Summer: $75 per night
Winter: $70 per night

Check-in is from 14.00.
Check out is no later than 11.00

If the member booking is not staying in the unit, the member’s guest rate will apply.

If you are not a member and would like to book our facilities, you can do so via Airbnb or
Airbnb – Chamberlain House | Airbnb – Unit 3 – Chamberlain House

How do I book a unit?

Use the private link emailed to you to book online. You will be able to see all available dates and book straight away without the need to send emails and wait for a reply.

Terms and Conditions

These are not serviced units. The member before you will leave the unit clean and tidy and you need to do the same please.

  • Bring with you all bedding – quilts, sheets, pillowslips, tea towels and towels for your personal use. These are not provided (except for Chamberlain House).
  • Bring with you – Food and other personal items. There is a dairy and large Mall nearby if required.
  • Essential kitchen equipment is provided.

Facilities available on site for your enjoyment:

  • Kitchen, bedroom, lounge, bathroom with shower.
  • Separate laundry and dryer facility – coin operated. Also iron and vacuum cleaner.
  • Deep freezer with individual compartments for units 1-6.
  • Telephone user pays outside the dairy next door.
  • Games Room with Pool table/tennis table – under parental supervision.
  • Spa pool – coin operated
  • BBQ
  • Note: There are instructions in each unit about shopping facilities, doctors, rubbish collection, paper collection.

Conditions of Occupation

Supervision by members to maintain a quiet and pleasant environment

  • Each member is responsible for their conduct and that of their guests/friends who book and use these facilities.
  • Parents MUST manage their children so that there is no disruption for other users of the facility. Any complaints from other users will result in a formal discussion and may result in the member and their guests being asked to leave.
  • Maximum Occupancy of 5 guests per unit has been set in the interests and safety of members and is required by the Health and Safety Act. This limit must be adhered to please. If more people arrive than the number allowed in each unit, this will be reported and may result in the Council suspending our license!
  • Noise must be kept to a reasonable minimum between 10.00pm and 8.00am.
  • The spa pool (Manly) – please note the spa is not a swimming pool. Parents must supervise children and avoid splashing that reduces the water level. After use, please close the Spa Pool door firmly to limit unauthorised access.

 Kayaks on car

Parking is available for one car per unit only. There is street parking. No parking on the grassed area. No tents or caravans are allowed on the property.

No smoking inside all accommodation. Extra cleaning costs (where someone has smoked) will be on charged to the occupant. Butts must not be left outside on the lawn or the paths.

 no smoking

Report to 021 476 159 if there is any loss or damage to the property.

  • Loss and/or damages will be charged where necessary. Do not replace broken items yourself
  • Any damage/breakage will be charged to the person renting the unit/house. If damage is wilful, membership will be suspended immediately.


You should find the facility clean and stocked with basic equipment each time you use it.  Members are asked to make sure that the premises and content is left clean and in good condition before they leave. An additional fee will be charged if the unit is damaged or left in a mess requiring commercial cleaning.

  1. Vacuum the unit before leaving. Wipe surfaces. Remove any of your belongings (leave behind Society resources). Leave the unit/house tidy for those who follow. Cleaning equipment is provided in each unit for your use. Vacuum cleaner, floor mops are kept in the laundry
  2. Please remove trap in shower to remove your hair and prevent blockages
  3. Make sure that the microwave is left clean and the door left open.

Wipe down the refrigerator. Turn off at the wall. Leave the door open.

Do not forget any supplies in the freezer in the laundry.

  1. Remove and dispose of all foodstuffs and rubbish from the property to the designated rubbish areas. The correct rubbish sacks can be purchased from the dairy
  2. Take your bedding with you. Leave the bedding tidy i.e. mattress cover, 1 pillow, 1 duvet per bed.
  3. Securely fasten and lock all doors and windows unless requested otherwise.

 Loss of Keys

If you lose the key, this must be reported. Payment for a replacement (of $15.00 per key) will be charged.


small dog

  • Only house-trained dogs may be brought to the residences. The dog’s owner must be a member and in residence with the dog
  • The dog must sleep/lie on its own bedding
  • The dog may not be threatening to others in the residence
  • The owner will restrain the dog from wandering and must pick up all feces
  • If a complaint is received, the member might be asked to remove the dog, after an explanation to and discussion with the owner.

Group of friends enjoying Manly property

Manly Unit layout

Unit 1
Sleeps 5 people
Queen bed
Double bed
Single bed settee/chair: 1

Unit 2

Unit 3
Sleeps 5 people
2 single beds
Queen bed
Bed settee

Unit 4
Sleeps 5 people
2 single beds
Queen bed
Bed settee

Unit 5
Sleeps 5 people
Queen bed
2 single beds
Bed settee

Chamberlain House
Sleeps 6 people
2 queens beds
2 single bunk beds

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